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Durham Tutor will give you access to the most diverse range of tutors across Durham Region. Best profiles of the best private tutors available to you for home tutoring, private tuition and online tutoring.

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The benefits of tutoring vary from student to student, but there is no doubt that any student, of any skill level, can benefit from tutoring. Students feel comfortable around tutors. 

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As any passionate teacher will tell you, it is possible for education to nurture key skills such as critical thinking, imagination, problem solving, communication, agility, and empathy.

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You want to start a teaching business or grow it but you don’t have necessary technical and financial resources to have your own website. Here is the perfect platform for you.

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Is hiring a tutor a good idea in the first place? What do you have to consider when it comes to choosing a tutor and how do you find one? What should you expect of your chosen tutor?


As a student, the #1, most important objective is to get straight A’s. However, sometimes at the end of those long seminars and lectures, you just can’t grasp the material or need better understanding. You’ve come to the right place. helps students find the right tutor they need to achieve a higher academic score. With our directory, we ensure the right tutor is out there for you!

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